Me, Alison.

“Perhaps this is the moment

for which you were created.”

-Ester 4:14

Me, as a student.

Hello, there! My name is Alison, and I’m a twenty-one-year-old student living and studying in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have just graduated from Pitt with a degree in English Literature and Spanish, as well as a minor in Dance. In the fall (2019) I will begin a Master of Arts in Teaching for Secondary Education at Duquesne University, where I hope to become a teacher who supports, inspires, and challenges her students.

Me, as a writer.

I am a writer (and a reader!) through and through; at any given time, I have two or three journals and three or four books among my things. As a writer, I love poetry, particularly when it comes organically. However, I do love a good challenge, particularly a challenging assignment or research project!

Me, as a daughter of God.

Of all the things I could say here, I will limit my words to these: I am on the journey of learning to fall in love with God, and with the daughter He created me to be. After a few rough years of wandering, I was blessed with a jolt from life that ran straight to my heart, turning me towards the Lord, and the Light I had been searching for. Since then, I have been journeying through this life with the Lord and the Blessed Mother Mary by my side, and I could not be more joyful to share parts of my story with you here.

This journey has brought me all the way to the present, as I prepare to be married next year. Please keep me and my fiancé in your prayers!